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Discerning Decision Making

January 22, 2013

Discerning decision-making requires ongoing growth in the following directions:

  1. Movement away from facades (need to be perfect, need to try hard, please others, hurry up, be careful, be strong) of a pretended self that we are not.
  2. Movement away from inner ‘shoulds’ that originate from some idealized sense of what we must be to be acceptable, loveable, and worthwhile.
  3. Movement away from conformity for the sake of acceptance.
  4. Movement away from a compulsive need to please others that robs us of freedom.
  5. Movement toward greater openness to experience.
  6. Movement toward a greater trust of self.
  7. Movement toward a greater trust in God’s ongoing faithfulness.
  8. Movement toward being self-directed and Spirit-led.

If it helps, imagine a spectrum where on one end lies numbers 1-4. On the other end, you find numbers 5-8. As you seek to discern a decision, where on the spectrum does it fall? Will this decision move you closer to the slavery of others or closer to the freedom of God?

These ideas were adapted from the phenomenal book, “The Discerning Heart” by Wilkie and Noreen Cannon Au. I highly recommend it!

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